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LD Poker Scanning Analyzer Price

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We should know what the LD poker scanning analyzer is before we get the price of it.

LD phone analyzer is popular among the most of poker players and magicians as one of best anti-poker cheating devices. It can be settled for different poker games, like the Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Seka…

It has a external built-in voice so that you don’t need to install the external speaker when you playing the game at home. When you play in another formal place, you can wear the spy earpiece or the vibrator to receive the best hand result.

The device also has inside mini scanner, the scanning range can be 20-40cm or longer, the speed of scanning the invisible barcode is as fast as within 0.1 second, which reach the highest poker cheating techniques. It can also connect with the external camera when you need in different situation.

For the basic function, it is same as our other phone analyzer as it needs to input the same setting codes in poker game. The phone can also take the role of the real smart phone, such as make phone call, send the text message, download the app.

The most important thing is that the signal can be made as exclusive version, which means other people with the spy earpiece cannot get the winner signal result from your device. You will be the only one who get the signal. This device signal can reach around 5 meters, it is kind of wide range signal transfer.

Even though it is with wonderful coding software and the advanced production technology, the price of LD poker scanning analyzer is not too high. It can benefits more poker player and magician. It is master piece.

For further details and the cheapest offer, you can send inquiry to the website manger.