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Modiano scanning camera barcode marked cards

Modiano Barcode Cards

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Modiano barcode cards are considered to be one of the best barcode cards for cards cheating, and which has a wide selection suited for any game or tournament. We have a number of styles, set styles and case geared toward more discerning card players who expect the quality of their playing cards to match that of their game.

Modiano Playing Cards

Modiano cards are slightly thicker than other brands, which helps improve durability, shape retention, and provides an additional "snap" to their cards. Modiano Italian playing cards are manufactured with a slight grainy texture to minimize sliding, and offers the dealer better control.

Modiano Barcode Cards for Cards Analyzer

We import the original Modiano playing cards to mark with invisible ink. It can be processed into contact lenses marked cards and barcode poker cards. People are prefer to use barcode marked cards, because it you can know who is the winner within one second, no matter you are playing Texas holdem, Omaha nor blackjack. On the four edge of barcode marked deck, there are invisible barcode marks. You can't see the marks with naked eyes, invisible ink contact lenses, even barcode poker camera. But barcode poker camera can scan the invisible barcode marks and send the image to poker winner analyzer, and one second later, you can get the poker game result by spy poker earpiece.

Besides, if you worry other people use the poker scanner to scan your Modiano barcode cards, you can use the one to one Modiano barcode cards, which can't be detected. The one to one Modiano barcode cards work with one to one poker scanner and one to one min earpiece, so other people can't hear the result from your cards analyzer, which is very safe and practical.

Modiano barcode cards can be used many poker games, for example: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and so on. Working with the poker scanning system, you can know the best hands of the game, even the community cards, even reporting the cards one by one from up to down.

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