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LD Poker Scanning Analyzer Price

LD Poker Scanning Analyzer Price - Cheapest in Poker Cheating Devices

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Model LD poker analyzer Scanning distance 20-40 cm
Origin China Scanning deck 2 decks
No. of game 3 games Scanning camera 1 camera

LD poker scanning analyzer is a brand of poker analyzer. It is a poker scanning camera as well as a poker winner analyzer.

As one of the best anti-poker analyzer devices, LD phone analyzer is popular among poker players and magicians . It can be settled for different poker games, like the Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Seka…
The camera inside this LD poker scanning analyzer is a fixed focal length lens. Its scanning distance is 20-40 cm. There is other external scanning camera to help you scan different distance. The most important thing is that the signal can be transfer in a special frequency, which means only your spy earpiece can receive the output from the analyzer. In case of adding players during the game, there is a remote control to help you inrease and decease the number of players.

Even though it is with wonderful coding software and the advanced production technology, the price of LD poker scanning analyzer is not too high. It can benefits more poker player and magician. It is master piece.

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