Double Lens Camera Wallet

Wallet Double Lens Camera

  • $900.00

A wallet is something that everyone must carry with them every day, so it is very common thing in our life. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have developed a number of different wallet poker lens camera. These wallets lens cameras are stylish, while the wallet double lens camera is the best seller in our company, which has good reputation among our customers.

We install two poker camera lens in the wallet, so that this wallet double lens camera will be able to scan barcode invisible ink playing cards and the poker cheating analyzer will speak to you who are the biggest winner and the second biggest winner during your Texas Hold'em game or Omaha 4 cards game or Omaha 5 cards game or Ronda game.

This style wallet camera has 2 camera lens inside it, a short camera lens and a long camera lens, you can use the remote control to change the camera according to the needs in your poker games. Besides, it has wider scanning distance than single camera lens, and its scanning distance also can be longer than other poker scanners.

How does the wallet double lens camera work?

The wallet double lens camera needs work with poker cheating analyzer, barcode invisible in playing cards and micro mini earpiece together. When you play poker games, you just need put the wallet on the table, the camera lens inside the wallet will scan the marks on the edges of cards automatically, if you use the wallet double lens camera, you can put the poker cheating analyzer inside your pocket, so you won't draw the attention of other people, which can work with any models of poker cheating analyzer, such as AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker winner predictor, PK poker cheating analyzer and s on.