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JUEGO Texas Pro Plastic Casino Quality Contact Lenses Marked Cards

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Brand JUEGO Texas Pro Processed ink  Invisible ink, infrared ink
Color Red & blue & black Included 54 cards
Material 100% plastic Reading tools Contact lenses, sunglasses, IR camera


Contact lenses marked cards for large advantage have been around for generations. Marked poker can be used for magic performances, magic shows, cheating poker and other kind of card games. Building up successful career and bringing benefits are great attraction of invisible ink marked cheat cards. JUEGO Texas Pro plastic contact lenses marked cards with casino quality can provide you such opportunity. As same as the original JUEGO Texas playing cards, no one can detect its tricks. A few strategies are used to play with these marked poker cards. Choosing a comfortable and suitable luminous ink contact lenses is the easiest way to read marked JUEGO Texas poker. Also, wearing luminous ink sunglasses can also be nice way to save money. 

JUEGO Texas Pro decks of casino quality will make a great addition to your poker games with family and friends. They are made from durable 100% plastic. With the friendly price, you deserve the better product.

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