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Modiano Platinum Acetate Cards for Cheating in Casino Game

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Brand Modiano Platinum Acetate Size  Poker size
Color Red & blue GS processed Invisible ink, luminous ink
Origin Italy Application Poker cheat, magic show

Poker tournament like, EPT, WPT etc. are loved by many poker players. It is a great opportunity to make a great achievement in such international competition overnight. Poker playing skill and experience, without a doubt, is very important, so does a nice poker deck. Modiano Platinum cheating poker Acetate cards can help you a lot in casino games.

Processed with the use of the newest trick poker method, Modiano Platinum Acetate decks are much helpful for players and magicians. Old traditional ways to cheat in poker games such as small defects on the back of poker, wearing cards down have been outdated. Audience and other players can be aware of such little tricks easily. However, with the use of GS cheating poker cards, no one would observe that you are making cheats. For the luminous ink cards we processed, the cards markings of values and suits are fused to the pattern of the card's back. They can only be detected under the use of special devices, such as invisible ink marked cards and infrared poker camera.

Modiano Platinum Acetate Is currently available in Poker size, which is 100% PVC plastic. A poker card is 3.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide. Made in Italy belonging to Modiano brand, it is also commonly known as wide size.