Lion Plastic Barcode Marking Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer

  • $60.00

Brand Lion Size Poker size 2 pips jumbo index
Color Red & blue Material 100% plastic
Origin Netherland Application Poker cheat, magic show

There are some unseen bar codes, you can image it like QR code, on four sides of Lion plastic barcode marking cards. Why we would add such codes on the poker sides? With such invisible barcodes, with the use of poker scanning system in poker analyzer which is as same as the normal mobile phone like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc. can help players work out winning sets in few seconds. The poker analyzer will far exceeded  your expectations by being a fully functional phone with extra hardware dedicated to cheating. What is more, the device not only allows to cheat at Poker but to cheat at almost any kind of card games you can think of. 

Combined Lion plastic playing cards and poker analyzer, it is easy to know poker results in before the game start. Barcode on decks are unseen to the human eyes, and phone poker analyzer can be real cell phone, you cheating secret is highly closet. Be natural, be confident, and be low-profile can help you perform well in games.

Lion plastic poker deck original comes from Netherland. Lion plastic cards is well known for its quality. Simple pattern, beautifully crafted and durable design give you a wonderful poker experience.

TAG: Marked Cards, Cheating Playing Cards