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Modiano Piacentine Plastic Cards Regular Index for IR Poker Camera

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Brand Modiano Piacentine Size Bridge size regular index
Color Red & blue Included 40 cards + 3 court cards
Origin Italy Marked card reader Poker IR camera

If you are hosting a poker game recently, and wondering which kind of poker should be used to make the largest profit. Congratulation! Modiano Piacentine plastic cards for IR poker camera would be a wonderful choice. This is a magic marked card that brings you surprise and unexpected wealth. It just like the Italian original Modiano Piacentine poker from outside, however, there is unknown secret on the decorative side of the deck. Nobody can see them unless you via an infrared camera. Special lenses can reflect its invisible and unique features. Installed this IR camera in your casino, you can know every hand and control everything! Of course, the camera should be well disguised, make sure that no one can notice its different is important.

Although Piacentine is from the Spanish regional style of Italian playing cards, it is most commonly played in the Campania region. This is a plastic-coated playing card made of triplex cardboard, which is thicker and means to last longer than a normal plastic-coated playing card.