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Marion pro Poker Jumbo Marked Cards for Cheating Tricks

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Brand Marion Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Taiwan Material 100% plastic


Marion pro poker jumbo marked cards, manufactured in Taiwan, are very widely used in USA. It mainly has 2 colors: red and blue. We will process these poker cards with invisible ink so that they can be used in cheating tricks. Marion pro poker jumbo marked poker cards can’t be seen with naked eyes. They need to work with invisible ink contact lenses and sunglasses.

Marion pro poker jumbo playing cards are packaged in a plastic box. This package can help marked decks kept better in a paper box. Plastic box is more seal than paper one so it can prevent air from spoiling the invisible ink. Even if Marion pro poker jumbo cards are marked, they look the same with the original ones. The ink to mark cards is adjusted again and again in order to make the marked cards more nature.

The Excellent Performance in Cheating Tricks

Marion pro poker jumbo marked poker cards can used in most casino poker games. These cards will let users know what the community cards are and what cards your opponents hold. In most poker gambling, players need to make several bets before all the community cards are open. If player can know the cards in advance, he/she can know whether he/she is the best winner in this round.

marion pro poker jumbo marked decks for winning

Before gambling, you need to prepare the Marion pro poker jumbo marked cards and wear invisible ink contact lenses in advance. The Marion pro marked poker decks won’t arise other players’ suspicion. Even you also can’t find out the Marion pro poker jumbo marked decks poker if you mix these marked cards with normal poker cards when the outer package is not open.

During the gambling, the contact lenses will help you see the invisible marks very clearly when the dealer finishes dealing cards. If you know your cards are not best winner, you can stop making the bets. On the contrary, you can make a big bet when you are the best hand.

Marion pro poker jumbo marked cards are good devices for you to cheat in gambling.