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Clock Long Distance Camera for Poker Gambling Cheating

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Camera Dynamic/Normal Working distance Customize
Battery Life No limitation Color Black
Marked Cards Type Barcode marked cards Application Texas, Omaha, Blackjack...

Clock long distance camera is processed from normal clock in our daily life. We refit the clock in order to put the camera inside. And then we will make a mini hole in the clock so that the camera’ sight won’t be covered. The hole is too small to be discovered. Although there is a camera inside the clock, it can still work as a normal clock. So no players will suspect the common clock in your poker room.

How to Customize A Clock Long Distance Camera?

For clock poker camera, you can customize its scanning distance. We will ask you some details about the distance between your poker room and camera. Then we will negotiate the most suitable distance. So the clock can scan the cards well and help you know the winner without putting anything on the table.

For customizing a long distance camera, you can also choose camera types. There are 2 different kinds of camera: dynamic camera and normal camera. Dynamic camera can automatically focus on the barcode but normal camera just can scan cards in the fixed spot. If you want normal camera, you need the dealer’s help. Dealer needs to put cards in the fixed point every time.

Long distance clock poker scanner also needs to work with a phone analyzer. You need to pay attention to the distance between clock and analyzer. The reason is that the analyzer system can’t receive the signal from camera if the distance is too far. Then you may get the wrong results or nothing. The best distance is within 5 meters. You can put the phone in your pocket when you play game. With this way, the analyzer can receive the signal and you can hear the result clearly.

If you want more information about clock long distance camera, you can contact me via Whatsapp or Email.