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Fashion Aviator sunglasses to see through invisible ink marked cards

Aviator Infrared Sunglasses

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Aviator infrared sunglasses, being an useful invisible ink reader or luminous marks detector, has come out to the market for several years. Aviator sunglasses is known to all and many guys like glasses of such fashionable model.

Some guys might don't know about the "infrared". It is said by someone in the quora that most infrared light is blocked by the cornea and needs no filtering and the only concern would be a near infrared laser beam. Thus infrared sunglasses, refers to the glasses or sunglasses with special infrared filter that can see some invisible ink marks. Usually with naked eyes people can not see the infrared ink that only the special infrared filters can see.

The outside of this infrared sunglasses can be disguised with a normal mirror tint so that others can seldom suspect on it. Users can use these infrared sunglasses to detect invisible markings playing cards. Infrared sunglasses are one of best playing cards cheating devices. Marked decks for magic shows of poker games without getting much attention by others.

Being a professional producer of marked cards contact lenses to all over the world, we offer Aviator infrared sunglasses in different color lens and frames, such as silver lens, dark blue lens, purple lens and so on. You no need to worry about the infrared lens will cause others' attentions at all.