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Bee Marked Deck for Sale with Marked Cards Reader Contact Lenses

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Brand Bee Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo/standard index
Origin USA Marked cards ink Invisible/luminous ink

The Bee marked cards are processed with the Bee poker playing cards that produced by The United States Playing Card Company.

Bee Playing Cards are a casino card brand and they are the preferred deck among casinos, gamblers, and serious card technicians around the world. The US BEE playing cards were first manufactured by the New York Consolidated Card Company in 1892, hence the number "92" on the Ace of Spades; the USPCC acquired the company two years later.

Their Standard Bee playing cards have a diamond back, typically blue or red, though casinos frequently use customized Bee cards featuring a logo added to the backs. There is also jumbo index Bee cards that share the same back. If you like, you can get the Bee cards with the bumble bee on the back. We also have such several kinds of Bee playing cards in stock.

The best way to mark Bee playing cards with invisible ink.

Bee marked playing cards, processed by our experienced technicians with invisible ink and special poker marking machine, are always one of our best hot sale products. The luminous Bee marked decks work well with infrared ink poker glasses or invisible ink contact lenses as a set. They work very well in poker games or magic shows.

Compared with with other companies, our marked Bee cards with luminous marks are specifically designed for a more impressive performance. Our technicians always know the best way to marking Bee cards.

Usually, the Bee marked poker cards can have very big marks in the middle or small marks in four corners. Since there's no white side on the back of Bee cards, the invisible tiny mark is not good for Bee marked decks.

Our technicians can make special sign of marks according to the requirements of customers. Please feel free to let us know if you want to have your own marks.

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