UV Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

  • $500.00

UV invisible ink contact lenses is a helpful poker cards reader and we can call them playing cards contact lenses.  

UV marks are fluorescent but transparent, the marks can be seen only under an ultraviolet light. If you have a deck of cards with UV mark on the back, how can we see the UV marks? Thanks to the modern technology, with the help of a pair of UV invisible ink contact lenses, you can see through the invisible mark.

There are no differences among the normal contact lenses. We offer different sizes and colors of UV invisible ink contact lenses. You can choose the suitable one for yourself.

What's the advantage of using the cheating cards lenses?  

Contact lenses move with your eyes, it allows a natural field of view. It have no frames to obstruct your vision. The contact lenses don't get in the way when playing a magic or poker game. It is hard to be discovered by others. It won't clash with what you're wearing. Contacts lenses typically aren't affected by weather conditions and won't fog up in cold weather like glasses. It is more convenient than the glasses.

Poker invisible contact lenses is a magic tool for magicians.

Are you wondering why the magician can play the magic show so perfect all the time? The magicians usually mix a deck of cards with mark when he plays a magic show. Then he ask the audience come to the stage and choose one card, he will guess the number and suit of the cards. Of course, he is using the special tool that the audience never knows. The function of the playing card reader eye lens works, it help the magician read the UV mark immediately. We are amazed by the good performance of magicians, right?

If you are a magic lover or poker lover, UV invisible ink contact lenses is your best choice and perfect partner when you are in need.