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Marking Bicycle Decks with Invisible Infrared Luminous Ink

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Bicycle marked cards have been on the market in a long history. Here we offer a variety of Bicycle marked decks to professional and amateur magician, as well as poker players.

Bicycle playing cards is one of the most popular world-wide poker brands. The original Bicycle playing cards are made from the U.S. playing cards company. There are many models of Bicycle playing cards, among which 3 or 4 is very popular. Bicycle plastic prestige poker playing cards are a particular kind of Bicycle brand name at first constructed in the US. Prestige Bicycle cards are made of PVC substance that happen to be durable than every other plastic enjoying playing cards. The paper Bicycle playing cards, including the standard index and jumbo index, are very popular use in many countries both for poker games or magic shows.

As well as the Bicycle playing cards, the Bicycle playing cards magic marked decks have been enjoyed by poker professionals and magicians in poker clubs, magic shows and gambling casinos all over the world.

All the Bicycle playing cards can be marked well with invisible ink.
​They can be marked well with invisible inks for cards cheating contact lenses or invisible playing cards glasses. Big marks indicate the numbers and special signs for suits in the middle, or small marks for numbers and suits in four corners. With the infrared ink glasses, you can see the luminous marks well.

Please note that red marked decks always have better effects than blue marked decks.

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