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Copag Jumbo Face and Regular Face Plastic Cards with Invisible Ink Markings

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Brand Copag Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Application Poker cheat, magic tricks
Origin Brazil Processing ink Invisible ink/IR ink


Copag Jumbo Face and Regular Face marked cards are A-level quality poker devices, processed with invisible ink by GS company. They are magical and powerful. Only with the specialized luminous readers, can you see those invisible markings clearly. Customized marks on decorative side of the poker can show the suit and number. They are unseen in natural environment, so users don’t need to worry about whether other players can also see the luminous marks. Cards markings can last for a long time with normal wear and tear.

copag jumbo and regular face marked cards for lenses

Both Copag Jumbo Face and Regular Face are imported from their countries of origin, Brazil. If you distinguish these poker cards from their backs, you have no idea what difference they have because they have similar outer packages, same size and back patterns. But their indexes are different, so you can easily recognize them form the front. One is jumbo index while the other one is regular index.

copag jumbo and regular face comparison

These poker decks are 100% plastic cards, very durable and waterproof. If they are dirty, you can wipe the cards with a wet tissue. Copag Cards Company is always famous and its products are loved by millions of players and magicians. If you are looking for the best and cheapest Copag Jumbo Face and Regular Face marked decks with invisible ink, just visit our store.

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