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Piatnik Doppeldeutsche Playing Cards Deck with Casino Cheating Marks

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Brand Piatnik Size 4 inches
Color Red & blue & black Mterial Paper
Origin Vienna Austria Marked cards reader Invisible ink contacts/poker analyzer


Piatnik Doppeldeutsche playing card with casino cheating marks is one of the invisible ink marked poker. Our professionally marked decks of cards have markings that are unseen to the naked eye, yet with an infrared device the markings light up! They are marked by an advanced luminous ink printer machine operated by skillful staffs for perfect markings every time. Ideal invisible marked Piatntik Doppeldeutsche poker deck is rare and not easy to mark. It's ok to print invisible barcode markings on the four edges of the Piatnik cards. This kind of marked cards can not seen by invisible ink contact lenses or IR poker camera, only poker scanning camera can read the data, and analyze the best hand of the game for you. 

Piatnik Doppeldeutsche playing card is produced in Austria. We can promise that the cards we use to mark are all genuine Piatnik Doppeldeutsche poker cards. Their quality is guaranteed.

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