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How to Cheat at Dominoes?

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how to cheat with marked dominoes

The best way to cheat at domino games is to use marked dominoes, which can help you win the game easily.

What is Marked Domino?

Marked Dominoes device is one of popular cheating devices. Generally, one set of dominoes includes 28 pieces each of which is with a line in the middle to divide its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of pips or is blank. And most backs are blank designs or with brand logo. They are not distinguish. You can’t know what pips they are according to their backs. So you need the help of marked dominoes because there are invisible markings on dominoes backs.

How to Mark Dominoes?

In order to help players know opponent’s hands in advance, we use invisible ink to mark dominoes. Different kinds of inks work with different devices to detect the marks. There are 2 main kinds of marked dominoes now: dominoes for contact lenses and dominoes for camera. Although the materials are different, the markings are the same kind.

Back Marked Dominoes

marked dominoes with back markings

Generally, we will mark pips on the backs. There are 2 main kinds:

(1) Dots marks. It is similar with the front side.

(2) Numbers marks. To help players know the pip quickly, we directly use numbers to stand for pips.

Edges Marking

cheating dominoes with side markings

But some dominoes are not suitable to be marked on backs because of color and patterns. In this case, we will mark on the edges on dominoes. For edges, there are 2 marking ways.

(1) Numbers marks.

(2) Strips marks. The length and the place of strips stand for different pips.

All the markings are processed with invisible ink. Because the ink isn’t in the spectrum range for naked eyes, we can’t see the marks without any devices. What’s more, we will adjust the ink to make sure that there is no color difference on dominoes.

How does Marked Dominoes Take Effect in Gambling?

Like poker cards and dices, dominoes can use in many games, like blocking game and scoring game (2 popular dominoes games). During game playing, you can’t know your opponent’s hands because all players’ tiles are face-down. You need many strategies to prevent other players from winning and at the same time, help yourself play out your last tile.

playing domino games

But with the help of cheating marked dominoes, you can see the pips on the backs. For you, it seems all the dominoes on the table are face-up. To be a winner in dominoes games is a easy job now. It is sure that other players won’t see the marks because the marks on dominoes need to detected by special devices, like infrared contact lenses (the convenient way). Only with these devices, can you see the invisible marks clearly on dominoes.

infrared contact lenses to see invisible ink marked dominoes

Before gambling, you just need to prepare cheating dominoes with invisible ink markings and infrared contact lenses. Pay less but gain more. These devices can show your opponent’s hands to you. No matter what dominoes games you play, you can defeat all of your opponents. All the bets will be in your pocket.


Marked dominoes are good tools for dominoes gamblers. They look the same with normal dominoes but can help you win easily. And you can also custom the marks within our capability. By this way, let the marked dominoes be suitable for most gambling occasions.

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