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How do Marked Cards Work?

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how do marked playing cards work

How do marked cards work? This may be a question in many new-hands to play poker cheat. When you want to know how these cards work, you need to know what is marked cards first. Let me teach you some basic knowledge of marked cards.

What is "marked cards"?

"Marked cards" is general designation to call all kinds of cheating cards. Because all these cards have markings, they are called marked poker cards. All these cards are marked with invisible ink so we can’t see the markings with narked eyes. Marked poker decks are mainly divided into two categories: back marked cards and side marked cards.

These two kinds of marked playing cards have different markings. Back marked cheating cards will have invisible markings on the back which are composed of numbers and suits. And side marked playing cards have barcodes on the four edges on the cards. Unlike the back marking cheat cards, you can’t know what the barcodes mean.

How do marked cards work?

From the above, we know that there are two different marked decks for poker cheating. Now, I will show you how they work in gambling.

two different marked decks for poker cheating

Different marked cards need to work with different poker devices. Poker cards with back markings can be seen with infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. With them, you can directly know what cards are they in the poker table. Other players without contacts won’t know the cards are cheating cards. This kinds of marking poker cards is easy to use. It likes all the cards are face-up only for you.

Barcode marking poker decks don’t show the numbers and suits on the cards. The working principles is similar with the QR code in our daily life. When you see the code, you can’t know what it means. But when you use a system to scan it, the system will calculate the information and get the results. So we also need poker system to scan and analyze the the information on barcode. This system is called poker analyzer. And it can also work with external cameras.

This analyzer can inform you who is the bigger winner in advance.In all gambling games, players, knowing the cards in advance, have higher winning odds than normal players.

1. Back marked cards in gambling

Take Blackjack as an example. Blackjack is a game that winner is the players who holds the Blackjack (21 points) or the biggest points (not over 21 points). Before gambling, you need to wear invisible ink contact lenses and prepare some marked decks. The marked poker decks looks exactly same with the original cards, so you need to put theses cards apart from the normal poker cards.

contact lenses marked cards work well

The gamble begins. Every players (including dealer) will get 2 cards. And they can decide whether to add another cards. They can get as many times as they want. This decision is very important. If your cards are over 21 points (bust), you already lose the game.

Marked playing cards and contacts let you see what cards your opponents hold and what card will come next. You can know whether this new card is beneficial to you and make decisions.

2. Barcode marked cards in gambling

If using these cards with barcodes, you need to prepare a poker analyzer. The analyzer can scan and read the barcode marked cards poker. Unlike back marking cards, these cards won’t let you know what cards your opponents hold. The analyzer will directly calculate out the best hand in gambling.

cheating marked cards for poker analyzer scanning system

Before gambling, you need to have a set of poker analyzer system (phone analyzer, earpiece and a controller) and some side marked decks of cards. You need to choose the games you want and adjust the setting (like how many players are in gamble). And local camera on analyzer need to aim at the marked cards. The system will tell you who is the best hand and the second hand with a wireless earpiece as soon as it scans the cards.

During the gamble, you can use a remote controller to increase / decrease the players if the numbers of players change. When you know the results in advance, your winning odds are greatly increased. You can know how to make the most beneficial bets.

Marked cards can be used in most poker gambling games. And the operation is very simple. The best way to know how marked cards work is more practices with them.


how do marked cards work conclusion

Marked cards are the necessary devices in poker cheating. They can be used in most poker gambling games. Different kinds of marked cards need to work with different poker cheating devices, so their operations are totally different. As an old saying goes, "practices make perfect". If you want to be familiar with how marked cards work, the best way is to practice frequently with marked cards and its supplementary tools.

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