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How to Read Marked Cards?

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How to read marked cards? It is a common question that many new players are concerned with.

To understand it well, we had better make it clear that what are marked cards. And then we can better know how to use them.

Generally speaking, marked cards refer to the poker cards which are processed with invisible ink on the back or sides.

How to read marked cards with invisible ink marks on the back?

Here let us talk about the marked cards with invisible markings on the back. Marked deck of cards are widely used in casino gambling or private games. Also they can be used in the magic shows as the amazing magic cards. They look exactly the same as clean original playing cards without any hint or marks when other players see with naked eyes.

how to read marked cards

Luminous Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

There are always some unique and different marks on the back of luminous marked playing cards. Because invisible ink is over spectral range of visible light, players need help of detecting devices. Different filters are required depending upon the type of luminous juiced ink being used. The normal UV filters can be manufactured into contact lenses or glasses to read the normal luminous marked decks. With these tools, you can see the luminous markings well and easily so as to enjoy the poker games a lot.

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IR filter contact lenses to see marked cards

IR Marked Cards for Specialized Camera

If you want IR ink marked playing cards, we need the specialized IR camera to read the markings. With the strong infrared filter in the camera, people can read the strong invisible ink infrared camera marked cards well with the help of screen such as a phone, a TV or a computer. These strong infrared marked cards can't be read by common invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses.

How to read side marked cards with invisible barcode?

The barcode side marked deck is the #1 dealers choice for Texas Holdem cheating. The poker scanner camera reads the side marked cards and send the signal to the poker analyzer. You will know who is the winner via Bluetooth earbud.

how to read barcode side marked cards

The poker analyzer sends the winning result to the earbuds


Playing Cards in the poker games usually needs a proper strategy to win but now you just need the help of marked cards and detecting tools. They are so secret and useful. By learning how to read marked playing cards, we believe you can gain a greater advantage in the game.

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