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Excellent Iphone 12 pro Poker Analyzer Phone Winner Result Predictor

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Iphone 12 pro analyzer

Scanning distance  20-40 cm
Color Black Scanning deck One/two decks
Matched scanner Any model of poker scanner Application Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack

Iphone 12 pro phone analyzer is the newest model in poker analyzer devices. With the widespread of 5G internet connection, this model supports 5G connection. Let you say goodbye to network lag. It has fashion appearance with high resolution screen. This poker winner predictor has upgraded the scanning camera which can better focus on the cards and has wider scanning scope than other models.

Like other models, Iphone 12 pro poker analyzer is also equipped with basic functions of mobile phone. What’s more, its storage becomes bigger so you can also download your favorite APP. The analyzer is very similar with Iphone 12 pro. It won’t cause other players’ suspicion.

The Working Principles of Iphone 12 pro Poker Analyzer

Iphone 12 pro analyzer has its own scanning camera, and it can also connect with wireless cameras ( most cameras in the market). The camera is just in charge of reading cards. It doesn’t have the system to analyzing the information, so only the camera can’t help you know who is the winner.

The signal transmitter will send the information to the Iphone 12 pro poker hand analyzer with a mini receiver. Then, the system in analyzer will begin to calculate the data and figure out the possible winner. It can inform players the results with a Bluetooth earpieces. When you know its working principles, you can better make use of it in poker gambling.

iphone 12 pro poker device in gambling

The Performance of Iphone 12 pro Analyzer in Gambling

Iphone 12 pro poker winner predictor can be used in different occasions. When you are allowed to put phone on the table, you can directly use the local camera in analyzer. But you need to remember that the camera just can scan cards within 20-40 cm, so you need to sit near the dealer. Then you can know the winner through a wireless earpiece.

If you can’t put anything on the table, you can choose some cameras that can wear, like watch. So you can put the phone analyzer in your pocket. The distance between wireless camera and analyzer can be 5 meters at most. Closer distance, stronger signal.

Let’s try the new Iphone 12 pro phone analyzer in gambling!