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Bonus Plastic Poker Cards With Invisible Ink Marking

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Brand Bonus Size Poker size
Color Red Marked cards type Contact lenses marked cards
Application Cards cheat, magic tricks Marked cards ink Invisible/luminous ink

Bonus marked decks are always used in some certain areas though they are not so popular as BEE or Bicycle marked cards.

As well as other US playing cards, Bonus is one of the brands produced by United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). Bonus playing cards is very popular used in Asian countries.

In modern use, the Bonus brand is used for contract bridge cards and accessories. Bonus cards come in an assortment of series animals, flowers and buildings designs. Each Bonus deck consists of the 52 standard cards, two jokers, and an information card describing bridge scoring. Bonus cards are now typically sold in coordinated decks, available of 2 PIP index ones and 4 PIP index ones.

Since Bonus playing cards always have very special back, not regular patterns, some may have any kinds of flowers, some series have animals in different colors on the back, it is not so easy to make the marked deck of Bonus cards well. However, we have very experienced cards marking technicians who spends lots of time and energy in studying how to mark the cards well. Bonus playing cards now can be marked with luminous ink marks well for marked cards glasses or invisible ink contact lenses.

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