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Bullets Poker Cheating Cards with Invisible Ink

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Brand Bullets Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Package Hard paper box Material 100% plastic

Bullets poker cheating cards with invisible ink are more and more widely used in poker gambling. Invisible ink Bullets cards need to be read with some specialized devices, like infrared contact lenses and sunglasses. So other players can’t detect the secret markings on the cards.

From the package, you can’t distinguish which has already been marked with invisible ink. The package of these cards are paper boxes with plastic coating. So the box will be a little bit waterproof. The cards are made of plastic so they are very durable and they won’t stick with each other.

Bullets cards with invisible ink markings are the same with original poker cards. Even after being marked, Bullet poker cheating cards are also very high quality. So don’t mix the Bullets playing decks cheat with normal poker decks because you can’t find out which are marked Bullets cards. These cards can be used in many kinds of poker gambling games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat etc.

The Comparison between Bullets Marked Cards and Bicycle Prestige Marked Cards

Bullet poker cards and Bicycle Prestige cards are both poker size plastic cards which can use for long time. Bullet poker cards is jumbo indexes while Bicycle Prestige playing cards are regular indexes. Because of 100% plastic material, you can bend the cards easily and they won’t break.

Bullets poker decks for cheating gamblingBicycle prestige poker cardsTheir backs designs are their representative patterns. Bicycle Prestige cards have 2 angels are riding. And Bullets cards have 2 bullets in the middle of cards. Although their main colors are red and blue, Bullets are sold as sets and Bicycle prestige are sold as retailed package. For Bullets poker cheating cards, you need to buy red and blue cards together, But for Bicycle Prestige poker, you can choose which color you want.

Bicycle Prestige playing cards have too much white space in the back so its marking process will be more difficult than Bullet playing cheating cards. Our Bullets invisible ink cards have clear markings but not visible for naked eyes. Let our excellent Bullets poker cheating cards increase your winning odds in gambling.