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Brazil Cards Set Copag Class/Neo Marked Decks with Invisible Ink

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Brand Copag Class/Neo line Size Bridge size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Brazil Marked type Invisible ink back-side marked cards

Brazil Bridge Set Copag playing cards including several types cards here, the Copag Neo cards, the Copag Class decks and the Copag Gold series playing cards.  Please contact us and choose the exact ones you need when you do the order here.

Copag is a company based in São Paulo, Brazil. It is now a part of part of the Cartamundi Group and making playing cards for poker and bridge. The plastic playing cards with a PVC finish are their primary product.

Here we import the Bridge Set Copag playing cards from Brazil for the stock. When client orders marked cards, we will mark the original playing cards with invisible ink marks.

Copag NEO series is one of the bridge set of playing cards that comes from Brazil and widely used in Brazil. There are 6 models of Neo playing cards share the same name, the same bridge size and the same index. Different models ones have different cute nice pictures and patterns on the back, including CULTURE, NATURE, NOSENSE, WAVE, INK and PETS. Each set have to decks in the case, which are usually sold in sets.

Copag CLASS series is another bridge set of famous Brazil playing cards. Each box of Copag Class playing cards has also 6 different models that are in the same size and have the same index. They are 1546 ones including one red and one black deck in one set, LEGACY ones including one red and one blue deck, MODERN ones including one yellow and one black decks, NATURAL ones including a red one and a blue one, Standard ones (a green and 1 purple one) and VANGUARD ones which include a red and a blue one.

Copag Gold series playing cards include Copag Gold Saraswati, Copag Gold Aldrava, Copag Gold Script and Copag Gold Iluminura playing cards.

These 3 kinds of Bridge set Copag playing cards have very colorful backs which is not so easy to make clear luminous ink marks on the back for infrared contact lenses. However, it is a good choice to make bacode marks on the sides to working with marked cards camera and poker winner analyzer.

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