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How to Cheat at Poker with a Partner?

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cheat at poker

If you want to cheat at poker game, the first thing come into you mind is it a partner to cooperate with? But have you think about that the partner could be a man and could be a cheating device? The cheating device can be a deck of marked cards, invisible ink contact lenses, and poker analyzer, etc.

What can 2 people do in Texas Holdem?

How's this for communication? One of the client said to me: " All I want my partner to do is to make sure they RAISE behind me whenever I get a monster hand.  I know that I can gain an advantage if he raises my hand in these situations. o every time I get a monster hand, I play with a single chip in my hand." This way is extremely hard to be detected.

If you don't want to cheat at poker with another player , but a poker cheating device, such as invisible ink marked cards, you can finish the whole cheating part by yourselves. The basic condition is that make sure they use the marked cards you bring there. One of the oldest and simplest forms of cheating is marking cards. In a Texas holdem game if you could mark the cards in some way so that you knew which cards were aces it gives you an extreme advantage over time. But don't worry, because the marked cards are no different from the normal cards. The ink will not change the color of the cards' pattern, or leave any marks that naked eyes can see.

You can see the suits and value of each cards by using contact lenses and marked cards. If you want to know the game results in advance in Texas Holdem, Omaha and blackjack, poker analyzer and barcode marked cards are the best choice.

Poker analyzer is a cheating app in a special made smart-phone, a fully functional phone that you can make calls, take photo, and download any app you like. This phone can be a Iphone model, Samsung model and HUAWEI model.

How to use this poker analyzer?

It's easy and simple. There is a scanning camera inside the smart-phone, on the edge of the phone. Turn it face to the barcode marked cards, once the camera read the invisible barcode marks on the edge of the poker cards, the app will analyze the barcode data and reporting the game result to the user by a mini earpiece. The result could be the best hand, the best hand and the second best hand, the 5 community cards, even reporting the suits and value of each cards.

There is a scanning distance of the poker analyzer; it’s about 20-40 cm. If the between you and the marked deck is more or less than that distance, you will need an external scanning camera to help you finishes the cheating course, for example, the power bank scanner, key chain scanner, etc. If the dealer is your partner, the thing will be more easier. You can use the bracelet scanning camera and chip tray scanner; and it will be more convenient to scan the barcode cheating cards.

There are many ways to cheat at poker with a partner. If you want to know more ways about it, or you are interested in marked cards cheating products, please contact us.

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  • I’d like to know more about ways to cheat with a partner. I came up with an elaborate system but it requires a lot of effort and memorization. Then I thought in the economic spirit, that if I could come up with this system, I’m sure over time other people have developed and fine-tuned a better way. I’m having a hard time finding any, could you tell me more about it or give me some resources to learn?

    Angelina Rae on

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