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Lighter barcode marked cards Camera

Lighter Barcode Marked Cards Camera for Poker Analyzer Device

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  • Scanner carrier: Lighter
  • Price: Please contact 0086 135 2762 2324
  • Scanning distance: About 8-15 cm, 20-40 cm
  • Application: 5 cards Omaha, Texas Holdem, blackjack
  • Marked cards type: Edge-side barcode poker cards
  • Can be matched to any model of poker analyzer


Lighter camera is a model of gambling cheating device for poker analyzer in Omaha. With a poker camera fixed inside, the lighter can not only be used to light your cigarette, but also can be used to scan marking barcode playing cards on the poker table for gamble cheat or poker deceit.

Several models of Lighter scanner camera

Usually the lighter poker cameras are in the distance of about 20cm-40cm from the marked decks. They are quite normal ones. usually these lighter cameras are in stock and will not be expensive. Other models are detailed described in the following paragraphs. Please know them well and tell clearly what you need before doing an order here.

1. Lighter camera with remote control

As is told in the name, there's a remote control for this lighter poker camera lens, with which you can turn on or turn off the lighter camera in a place as much as 3-5 maters away. Also if you are the user and poker player, you can hold it in your pocket to run the camera secretly. Others won't doubt about the lighter because it's just lie on the poker table and sometimes light a fire.

The lighter camera with controller can be made into the distance of 15-25cm, 20-30cm, and 25-35cm.  

2. Transparent lighter camera

In the past time the lighter for carrying poker lens might be dark colors such as black or red so as to hid the mini hole for camera lens. And now it's a technological breakthrough that we can installed the scanning camera in the cover of transparent light.

the lighters are the original ones, with the same size, the same shape, the completely same transparent appearance. People can even see the gas.  The scanning distance can be similar to other normal lighter cameras.

3. Far scanning distance lighter scanning camera

This lighter camera came into the market with another technological breakthrough in the poker camera lens of scanning distance. With our latest advanced technology of mini scanning camera, the scanning distance can be customized to be as long as 40cm-60cm. And this new lighter camera may be a little more expensive than others.