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Black Box Poker Scanner Camera

Black Box Poker Scanner Camera with Scanning Distance over 1 Meter

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  • Scanning distance: 1-2 m, 2-3 m, 3-4 m
  • Battery time: No limitation                                 
  • Camera switch: Remote control
  • Applicable people: Player, dealer
  • Can be matched to any model of poker analyzer


Poker scanning cameras are the most useful spy camera lens being installed in other items so as to work with barcode marked cards scanning system.

The short scanning distance cameras can be easily hid in the daily items such as cell phone, car key, lighter and so on. However the cameras of longer scanning distance need products with bigger space to hold it.

Black box gambling cheating device is a far scanning distance poker camera, with which you can put it in your poker room or somewhere you want. Then you just need to wait for it to read the barcode marked playing cards secretly for the poker analyzer. We can also install infrared camera inside this smart black box for poker analyzer softwear systerm. Here we mainly want to introduce the scanning camera for poker analyzer.

Features of far distance black box camera

1stly, this is a smart small black box scanning camera that works for the poker scanner camera. So that you can use this smart black box camera for bar-code marked cards or backside marking cards.

2ndly, the scanning distance from marked cards to black box camera can be as long as 3.5m. The cameras with long distance will be very difficult for other people to discover. You don’t need to put the cameras on the table, it is good for the players, it is not like mobile phone marked deck lens, lighter marked playing cards camera, chiptray invisible ink poker camera which have to be put on the table, as the cameras which put table will be very easy to be discovered.

3rdly, you can install this smart black box camera into many objects, such as TV, floor-lamp, music box, and we also can make this camera inside the lamps.

4thly, this smart black box camera can be controlled the zooms by remote control, so that it will be very easy for you to operate the device, and adjust to different distance.