Leather Belt Playing Cards Camera

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Leather belt playing cards camera works to get invisible barcode data from marked decks for poker analyzer in the scanning system. It is one of the best poker scanning cameras so far.

It is a real leather strap with great function. There is a camera lens hidden in the leather belt which can scan the barcode marked playing cards. This belt poker scanner camera can be used for all generations of poker analyzers with barcode deck of marked cards so that the users can get the winner hands of the poker games easily. One of the big advantages for this leather belt scanner camera is that it will not attract others' attention easily, which makes it more safe for the users. It's a good choice for poker players in those place where no items but playing cards can be put on the poker table.

How To Use the leather belt scanning camera?

The user just need to turn on the switch of the IR camera in the leather belt, then the camera can starting working. The barcode marked cards within the certain distance can be scanned in a high speed. And then the phone analyzer in the pocket or where will report the poker game result to the user within 0.3 second so that the user can decide to continue or give up the game. All these can be operated by one single person so that the user doesn't need to let anyone else know about it.

The set of belt scanning camera includes one poker camera lens, one related charger and one battery that can last for several hours after charged well. Please feel free to contact by whatsapp 008613642643795 if for more!