Moving Cards Scanner Camera

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Moving cards scanner camera refers to the dynamic scanning camera that scan moving playing cards as well as the poker cards on the table. It is the most advanced and latest technology for poker cheating device so far.

Poker scanner camera play a key role in the scanning system.

For people who don't know the poker scanner cameras, we should introduce the poker scanner system first. It is the poker cheating system including the marked poker cards, poker scanner camera to scan the barcode marked deck of cards and phone poker analyzer to receive and analyze signal from the scanner camera and then report user the outcome through spy earpiece. Every part works irreplaceably. And the poker camera decides weather the phone analyzer can report the result or not, and work fast or slowly. Usually the faster the camera scan and get signal from the marked cards, the faster the whole system works.

Moving cards scanner camera installed in the button

In the past years, all the poker scanner camera reads the marked decks of cards only when the deck is on the poker table in the right place within the certain distance. And with several years' studying and working, our technicians make good use of the new technology and work out the moving cards scanner camera. It is a radar camera that can scan the marked poker cards even it is moving or in hands, not to mention scanning the marked deck on table. This amazing camera is in the cover of button which can work well in the places where players are not allowed to put not related products on the table. It makes poker scanner camera reading barcode marked cards much faster and easier in the Texas Holdem or Omaha scanning system. It is a big breakthrough in the history or marked cards scanner camera.