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Accurate Dynamic T-shirt Scanning Camera for Barcode Marked Cards

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Camera Dynamic Working distance 30-60 cm
Battery Detachable Clothes Short-sleeves, long-sleeves
Marked Cards Type Barcode marked cards Application Texas, Omaha, Blackjack

High-quality T-shirt scanning camera can read barcode marked cards well because its dynamic cards automatically focus on the barcode of cards. For T-shirt camera, many players will be worried about someone will feel curious when they always wear the same T-shirt in gambling. But now, this concern is not a big deal.

The Performance of T-shirt Dynamic Camera

The dynamic camera can be removed from T-shirt. So you can wash it. And in next gambling game, you can install the camera in another T-shirt. But camera is not suitable for normal T-shirt in market. The shirts are also specialized because we need to make sure that there is place to make camera fixed. And the camera can’t be covered by the T-shirt. Otherwise, it can’t read the barcode marked cards well.

t shirt poker camera for cheating

T-shirt scanner just works as a camera so it doesn’t have the system to figure out the information it gets from barcode marked decks. It still needs the help of poker analyzer. Only with this system, can you know who is the winner. Poker analyzer also has camera to scan cards, but you can’t put anything on the table sometimes. At this moment, T-shirt dynamic scanner is very helpful.


The Advantages of T-shirt Dynamic Camera

Compared with other portable cameras, T-shirt camera has 2 main advantages. The first one is that you don’t need to put anything on the table. When you wear T-shirt camera, you can put the phone analyzer in the pocket. Then, the camera inside the T-shirt will scan the cards. The T-shirt looks very casual and common. So no players will suddenly suspect that you hide a camera inside T-shirt.

The second one is that the camera is dynamic camera. Within the scanning distance, it can catch on the barcode of playing cards automatically. So you don’t need to move to let the camera read. Most portable cameras is not dynamic because their capacities are too small to install. For this kinds of camera, It is better that you can have the fixed scanning point. That will help camera scan marked decks well.

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